Cover Your Assets: Taking Steps To Protect Yourself

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Blog, Security Guards

In this post, we’re going to share steps you can take to better cover your assets, even if you’ve already hired a security company.


Cover Your Assets

Back in 2016, an Oregon community college security guard kidnapped and killed a student. In response, the Oregon State Senate recently passed Kaylee’s Law.

The law, which pertains to higher-education campuses in the state, demands:

  • Vehicles must be clearly marked as a campus vehicle and have video surveillance & GPS tracking.
  • Vehicles cannot have red & blue light bars, bumpers, or cages.
  • Uniforms must be approved by the campus board and cannot resemble a police officers uniform.
  • Nationwide background checks

So what can you take away from this tragedy in order to better cover your assets?

Even if you aren’t a university or community college, proactively implementing safety measures will only help to enhance and protect your business.


Be Prepared & Be Proactive

In order to best cover your assets, make sure any security company you hire is forward thinking.


Because it’s likely that some of these measures, like nationwide background checks, will become industry norms.

As a result, it’s important that security companies make sure they are looking into these things sooner than later.

In addition to running thorough background checks, security companies should be administering randomized drug and alcohol tests. In short, this can be a beneficial way to decrease guard liability.

protect your business

Do they use GPS tracking? This is important because it helps CYA and holds the security company accountable.

Additionally, security companies need to know where their officers, vehicles, and equipment are at all times. Ultimately, this can help prevent catastrophes like the one witnessed in Oregon.

You can’t always know what a guard will do, but you can be proactive to cover your assets by hiring the right security company.

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