Dallas Security Guard Tragedy Lessons

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On April 3, 2019, Fox News reported that a Dallas security guard killed a naked, unarmed man at the Oasis Apartments, according to police.

So what happened, and what lessons can we learn from the incident?


Dallas Security Guard Realities

Even though we’re based in Houston, TX, we have officers in cities across the entire United States, including Dallas. Unfortunately, the truth is that the realities of Dallas security guard jobs are riskier than you might think.

For example, have you ever seen the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop? While we agree it’s a funny movie, consequently it also paints a real picture of how security guards are perceived.

Public perception of the job leads to an underappreciation for those that risk their lives to serve, protect, and defend.

As a result of the underappreciation, businesses are challenged with their perception of value that security companies offer. Furthermore, most Dallas security guard companies are underpaid, which means no proper training and lower quality officers. 


So What Happened?

On Sunday, March 31, 2019, an unarmed man was shot and killed by a Dallas security guard.

Reports indicated that the victim, Christopher Willard, had an altercation with a female security guard a half hour before the shooting. Also, it was said that the victim punched the guard in the face.

Security Officer Vincent Hobbs, 32, and other guards went to the room where Willard was staying to confront him. Police say a fight ensued in the apartment and then spilled into the hall. Other security guards allegedly subdued Willard while Hobbs shot him.

Hobbs, who has been charged with murder, initially told police he was acting in self-defense, with Willard charging at him with a gun, Fox 4 reported.

Source: Fox News Report

Unfortunately, the victim was both unarmed and undressed at the time he was shot and killed.

We’re not going to jump to conclusions on the details because they’re limited to what the news reports at the moment. However, we can identify and learn a few lessons so that Dallas security guards and other guards across the country might not make the same mistakes.

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Dallas Security Guard Lessons

In most cases, officers are supposed to observe and report. However, sometimes there are exceptions. For example, intervention may be necessary if there’s an assault in progress or someone’s life is at stake.

But after such events, the police should be called.

Here’s what we’d like to know:

  • Why wasn’t Dallas PD called after the initial confrontation 30 minutes prior?
  • Why did the Dallas security guards go back to confront him after the fact?

We believe they should have reported the initial incident to the police and then waited for them to get there. Once the police arrive, they could have apprehended the suspect.

Again, we may not know all the details of what happened that eventful day, however, we must have procedures in place to protect officers and potential victims alike.

As stated previously, this is why proper vetting and training are so important for security companies. It’s also the very reason why choosing the lowest bidding security company for a job can have dire consequences.

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