Family Preparedness Planning Doesn’t Have to be Boring!

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Blog

Preparedness and planning don’t have to be a daunting and boring task. As a matter of fact, you can actually have fun while doing it!

In this post, we want to share a few basic ideas to ensure you’re better prepared for a night on the town or a day out with your family.


Preparedness Basics

Being prepared for the unexpected requires one thing: intentionality. In other words, being intentional about the basics and ensuring everyone involved are aware of those basics.

For example, this weekend in the Houston area there are several events happening that you may want to treat your family to. You want your family to enjoy the weekend, however, not to feel weighed down with heavy preparedness plans and possible escape routes.

But with intentionality in getting the family involved in the process, you can make sure that not only are you better prepared, but the entire family can have fun while doing it!

Here are some ideas to get you started.


Basic Preparedness Ideas

Before you take your family out, sit down together and throw a few engaging questions out to encourage everyone to let their voice be heard.

For example:

  • What’s everyone most excited about doing at the festival this weekend?
  • How long is everyone wanting to stay?
  • Does anyone want to do anything before or after?

The goal here is to get everyone’s thoughts united and in the same headspace while engaging them and building up anticipation and excitement! This is paramount for making the next topic of conversation enjoyable, which is preparedness and planning.

Based on the answers given above, you can begin to make plans around what times to meet back up after separating, family check-ins, and when you plan on leaving.

Ensure you’re clear about phones NOT being on silent, and that emergency numbers are pre-programmed. If you have teens or younger children, make sure to set up check-in times.

When you get to the event, make sure you pick a memorable place to meet back up at specific times.

These may sound very basic, but they’re often overlooked. They key here to get your family involved! For example, at the event ask your family to look around for a memorable place to meet back up. Furthermore, ask them what they believe would be fair check-in times.

In other words, engagement is key! A family that makes plans together, stays safe together.

preparedness family dinner


Advanced Ideas

If you’re looking for more advanced ideas on family safety planning and preparedness, we got your back!

Here’s a couple of mobile apps that we recommend:

  • Life360 Family Locator – this app allows you to keep an eye on where your family is at all times. You can set location alerts, geofences, and even monitor driving! We highly recommend!
  • ICE Medical Standard – ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency”, and is an app that allows you to put your emergency contact information on your smartphone’s lock screen!

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