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Cadex Rifles

Cadex Rifles

Cadex is one of the top arms manufacturers in the world. It produces both military and commercial weapons, often incorporating the power of the former into the body of the latter. The brand’s rifles have long been some of the most sought after firearms among Canadian shooters. At Rangeview Sports, we stock the most extensive collection of Cadex rifles of any gun store in Newmarket. With our physical store and online shop, we proudly serve the Cadex devotees of Ontario and beyond. 

The Cadex Story

Despite being an industry leader, Cadex is one of the newest players in the firearms game. It has been in business for just 15 years, but its popularity rivals that of brands with more than double its experience. In many ways, the brand’s youth is a major reason for its success. Because Cadex was founded less than two decades ago, it is very much a firearms manufacturer for the 21st century. It knows what the modern sports and hunting shooters want from their firearms. As such, it has been responsible for some of the most innovative guns and equipment in recent memory. The expertise and creativity of Cadex has never been more evident than it is in the brand’s rifles. Take the CDX-R7 C.O.P.S., for example. This is a military-grade commercial precision firearm. It comes fitted with a unique DX2 Evo trigger.

This can be converted from a Single Stage Trigger to a Double Stage Trigger with ease. Meanwhile, a Cadex-Bartlein Barrels co-designed barrell system increases the rifle’s long-range shooting abilities. The CDX-R7 C.O.P.S. is compatible with a variety of magazine sleeves, so veteran shooters can stick to their preferred magazine type. At Rangeview Sports, you can find the CDX-R7 C.O.P.S, along with a plethora of additional Cadex firearms. 

Shop Cadex At Rangeview Sports

Cadex has its headquarters in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Through the impeccable quality of its rifles and equipment, it has established Canada as a major player in the firearms industry. As dedicated supporters of the Canadian shooting community, we are honored to be Newmarket’s leading provider of Cadex products. At Rangeview Sports, you will find a wide variety of Cadex offerings. Because we don’t have to import Cadex rifles, we are able to offer them at the lowest rates in North America.

If you aren’t based in Newmarket, you can still enjoy our low prices and frequent sales by paying a visit to our online store. There, you will find all the latest deals on all the latest Cadex products. We ship across Canada, allowing to develop a relationship with gun owners all over the country.

Visit Us Today

If you want to experience the rifles that have made Cadex such a powerful force in the firearms industry, drop into Rangeview Sports today. Our expert staff will guide you through our entire Cadex range to help you select the best model for you. If you’re considering making a purchase over our online store, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or social media for some tips on finding the perfect gun. However you choose to purchase your next Cadex firearm, Rangeview Sports has your back.

Cadex Rifles
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Cadex Rifles Cadex Rifles