Houston Security Case Study: Prevention

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Blog, Case Studies, Security Guards

Houston being the fourth largest city in America means it’s a city full of opportunity. However, that opportunity doesn’t just belong to its businesses and their markets – it’s also an opportunity for more criminal activity.


Houston, TX: A Cast Study on Security and Prevention

Recently, one of our High-Value Escort clients had to transport some valuables from one location to another location in another part of Houston.

While the officer we assigned was waiting outside of their vehicle doing a perimeter check, a suspicious person approached. Additionally, they were carrying two backpacks, one of which had a hammer protruding out of the side.

Our officer immediately communicated with the client and asked them to stay inside the building while he assessed the situation.

After the suspect continued to walk in and around the targeted business, our officer decided to confront the individual.

The suspect began mumbling and communicating in a manner that was confusing and incoherent. As a result, our officer gave the suspect numerous warnings before making the decision to call the local authorities – Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Although the suspect’s motives are still unclear at this point, GPI Defense and our security officer were accredited for averting a possible robbery and aggravated assault.


The Moral of the Story

As a Security company headquartered in Houston, we celebrate and honor our local first responders. However, our goal is to prevent serious escalations from occurring in the first place.

But accomplishing this goal requires an acute sense of situational awareness, which our officer displayed beautifully.

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