Overcoming Modern Day Security Challenges

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Blog, Security Guards

We recently ran across an interview with Gary Kuty from Guardian 8. Gary is a former law enforcement officer and has over 30 years of experience in private security.

In this interview, Gary talks about some of the greatest security challenges being faced by the security industry.

What Are The Greatest Security Challenges?

When asked what the greatest security challenges facing the security industry, he referenced a few different things:

  • Technology
  • Security Officer Safety
  • Competition and Saturation
  • Recruiting and Retention

Before we unpack these areas, I’d like for you to ask yourself how this information might impact you and the security of your business? Whether you’re a security company or a business owner looking for ways to make your company safer, our goal is to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be.


The first security challenge on the list relates to technology. Larger security companies are utilizing technology and looking for ways to do more with less. As a result, many of the smaller companies are falling behind and will continue to do so, unless they start adopting technology into their operations.

For this reason, GPI Defense already utilizes technology for accountability, visibility, and reporting.

Security Officer Safety

Another one of the security challenges mentioned relates to security officer safety. The threats facing businesses and the security companies protecting those businesses continue to evolve. Unfortunately, the security industry hasn’t done a great job of adapting to the changes, and therefore security officer safety has become a huge concern.

This has been a concern for us here at GPI Defense for some time, which is why our primary focus is prevention. By utilizing the technology and utilizing law enforcement security when possible, we’re able to provide higher quality security services that you can count on.

Competition and Saturation

The third item on the list of security challenges relates to competition and saturation. Gary points out that this is the reason it’s so important for security companies to use technology to differentiate themselves.

However, this challenge has also created a problem with quality. Regarding competition, we believe it’s a good thing! However, when competition meets saturation it provides a breeding ground for lower quality services due to the focus being on the lowest bidder.

It feeds into a cycle we call the security industry death spiral, which is a cycle steeped in blame.

Recruiting and Retention

Recruiting and retention continue to be security challenges for a wide variety of reasons. More specifically regarding security industry pay. This plays back into the competition and saturation we referenced above.


Overcoming Security Challenges

The greatest challenges faced by security companies today can be solved by implementing new and innovative strategies and solutions.

For example, the use of technology adds massive value to what a security company can accomplish in protecting their clients. The data collected provides insight to both you and the security company in recognizing patterns and trends and can uncover opportunities that would be otherwise missed.

In addition, properly vetted and trained officers will ensure risks are kept to a minimum and provide a peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands.

In this competitive and saturated market, the only way to overcome these security challenges is to be intentional about everything.

So how intentional will you be about your company’s security and protection?


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