Game Changers

How we are changing
the game in the
security industry

We Recognize the True Value of Security Professionals

The security guard industry is facing a critical turning point. For too long, these vital protectors of our communities have been unfairly dismissed and disregarded. When people hear “security guard,” they’re quick to picture comical characters like Paul Blart or dismissive labels like “rent-a-cops.” This perception is unjust and poses a severe threat to the safety and security of our communities.

This is where the game changes.

Security professionals are responsible for safeguarding lives and property and maintaining public safety – a task that demands unwavering dedication, vigilance, and skill. We are changing the game by acknowledging the importance of their work and treating them with the respect they deserve. 

The value of people over profit

Shifting Away from the Dangerous Low-Bidding Culture

While contracting and consulting for other private security companies, GPI Defense CEO and founder Troy Skeen recognized some disturbing trends within the security industry.

They are ultimately what led to Troy starting GPI Defense.

One pressing issue facing the security guard industry is the damaging practice of companies seeking the lowest bidder. This approach has alarming consequences for the quality of security services and, ultimately, the public’s safety.

Fortunately, a revolution is brewing in the security industry, and GPI Defense is at the forefront. We are changing the game by emphasizing higher standards, respect for security personnel, and refusing to sacrifice quality for affordability.

At GPI Defense, we proudly refer to our security personnel as “security officers” to underscore their professionalism and expertise. This simple change in terminology goes a long way in fostering respect and elevating the status of these crucial protectors.

We are also committed to breaking away from the dangerous low-bidding culture. Our focus is on providing top-notch security services. We refuse to compromise quality by engaging in a race to the bottom. We equip our security officers with the necessary training, skills, and resources to handle any situation competently and professionally.

GPI Defense is not just another security company. We are catalysts for change in an industry that desperately needs reform. By upholding higher standards, treating our security officers with the respect they deserve, and prioritizing quality above all else, we are paving the way for a brighter and safer future.

The security guard industry is long overdue for a revolution. It’s time to shift our perceptions, raise the standards, and acknowledge the invaluable role that security professionals play in our communities. With GPI Defense leading the charge, we are confident that real, lasting change is possible. Together, we can create a safer world where security officers are respected, valued, and empowered to make a difference.

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