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Troy Skeen

Troy Skeen

CEO / Founder

Troy Skeen, a blessed father, grandfather, and foster parent, began his career in the Army and law enforcement before transitioning into entrepreneurship. He successfully built a medical office, directed a childcare agency, and now owns three profitable companies. Volunteering as a Fire Engineer and Ambulance Driver, Troy’s love for community service extends beyond his professional life. He is grateful for his success and participates in humanitarian work in remote, developing regions. Today, Troy’s primary motivation is his passion for people, his country, and his community. His significant impact was recently recognized when he received a prestigious community award.

Rachael Skeen

Rachael Callender

Assistant Director

Rachael’s passion for law enforcement started young, leading her to join ‘The Explorers’ program with the Harris County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office as the youngest applicant. Though she didn’t become a police officer, her training proved valuable in the security industry. Starting as a commissioned security officer at GPI Defense, Rachael quickly advanced to front office roles and earned her Personal Protection Officer license. She further honed her skills by obtaining a private investigation degree and a life coaching certification. Now the ambitious Assistant Director at GPI Defense, Rachael utilizes her wide-ranging skills to lead her team and looks forward to achieving collective goals.

Rachael Skeen

Ana Turrubiartes


Ana Turrubiartes, a seasoned accountant with over 15 years of experience, is the proud owner of her own accounting firm catering to small businesses. Her expertise encompasses all aspects of accounting, including bookkeeping, auditing, and tax preparation. Certified as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Ana continually seeks to enhance her skills and knowledge. She is recognized for her dedication to helping clients achieve their financial goals through top-tier service. Beyond her professional life, Ana is an enthusiastic knitter and baker who cherishes spending quality time with family and friends. Her passion for her work is matched only by her commitment to her clients and community.

Lisa Iturri

Cpt. Iturri, Lisa R.

Director of Operations

Captain Lisa Iturri, a seasoned security professional, began her career as an armed security officer with GPI Defense in March 2020. Quickly promoted to Director of Operations for Texas locations, she actively maintains her security licenses. Captain Iturri served honorably in the U.S. Army National Guard for six years as a light wheel mechanic, supporting her Battalion against foreign and domestic threats. During her time with the E 1/149 Aviation Battalion, she gained essential life skills such as combat lifesaving techniques, rules of engagement training, basic survival skills, and mass casualty training. Lisa’s military and security expertise make her a respected leader in her field.

Jose Alvarado

Lt. Alvarado, Jose

Director of Sales

Lieutenant Jose Alvarado is a seasoned security professional and the Director of Sales for GPI Defense. His security career, spanning over a decade, began in the mission field, escorting medical and counseling teams amidst drug cartel conflicts from 2011-2019. Jose concurrently worked in private security in Ingleside, Texas, and part-time for GPI Defense, escorting VIPs across various Texas cities. His experience with GPI Defense would reveal that they shared his passion for protecting humanity, compelling him to join the team full-time. Jose’s dedication to making workplaces, homes, and daily life safer is at the heart of his work.

Chris Price

SGM. Price, Chris D.

Events Supervisor

Sergeant Major Chris Price is a proud combat veteran of the US Army, honorably discharged in 2011 after nearly eight years of service with the 1st Infantry Division. He completed two tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom, earning numerous awards and honing expert marksmanship and conflict resolution skills. In 2013, Chris became a commissioned security and personal protection officer licensed by Texas and joined GPI Defense in 2014. He now excels as a Field Training Supervisor and Personal Protection Officer. He contributes his expertise to the company’s Disaster and Events Supervisor Teams, continuing his dedication to service and protection.

Mark Alvarez

CPL. Alvarez, Mark


Corporal Mark Alvarez began his career as an armed security officer in 2018, becoming a personal protection officer in 2020. He currently serves with GPI Defense, securing corporate offices, retail spaces, and religious institutions, protecting staff, and ensuring safe client transportation. Simultaneously, he fulfills his duties with the Army National Guard as an aviation unit fueler in Texas, participating in life-saving missions during natural disasters and civil unrest. Mark’s military training, including a combat lifesaver course and rules of engagement knowledge, has significantly augmented his capabilities as a security officer, proving invaluable in his role with GPI Defense.

Bob Bierman

SGT. Bierman, Robert


Sergeant Robert Bierman, a retired N.Y.P.D. E.S.U. officer, served with distinction on patrol, undercover, and SWAT operations in New York City. His career involved working alongside state and federal agencies, providing dignitary protection, and executing high-risk entries to apprehend violent felons. After retiring in 2011, Robert transitioned into the security sector, where his passion for protecting individuals, residences, and businesses flourished. Today, his commitment to ensuring the safety of workplaces, schools, homes, and individuals continues to drive his work in security.

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