GPID Ai-k5

Our most versatile Unit

The GPID Ai K5 is intended for outdoor use running 24/7, including autonomously recharging itself without human intervention. It has contributed to most of the 2.0+ million hours of experience in the field.

The Ai-K5 is best suited for securing large outdoor spaces through the winters of the Northeast and the summers of Texas.

It allows us to have additional eyes, ears, and a voice by utilizing our fully integrated GPID Security Operations Center user interface.

GPI Defense now has an advanced, force-multiplying physical deterrence on our team, giving us the power to secure your business better.

Download our virtual guide to learn more about the GPID Ai-K5.


An entry point to Ai Security

The GPID Ai-K1 Hemisphere is a perfect entry point for commercial property owners, multi-family residential properties, ATM vestibules, truck stops, lobbies, loading docks, ports, rail, schools, and pretty much everywhere we can help improve the security and safety profile of the places you work, live, study and visit.

The Hemisphere has three cameras that provide 180-degree, eye-level, high-definition video, a strobe light, automatic license plate recognition, facial recognition, automated broadcast announcements, and intercom capability running on a 4G or 5G cellular network.

Download our virtual guide to learn more about the GPID Ai-K1.

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